Copywriter Lisa Banks Lisa Banks, M.B.A. Copywriter Florida, Atlantic Canada, Japan


If you're looking for a copywriter who can provide specialized writing for a medium like the web with versatility in other media, you've found her.

The copywriting services I offer for online marketing include planning of site content, copywriting, editing, proofreading >>

In print or online, a newsletter adds a great dimension to your relationship with your audiences >>

Press releases
Press releases are an inexpensive way to generate more traffic to your website and also increase your public profile >>

Most companies need printed materials they can hand or mail to prospects. Brochures do the selling when you can't be there in person >>

I probably owe my three years as in-house copywriter for NTT in Tokyo for my ability to write short, clear descriptions >>

White papers
Well-written white papers can serve as powerful tools for your company. Click here to see a white paper I wrote for a provider of business process automation software >>

The incredible capabilities of presentation software today allow you to interact as much as you want with your audience. But beware >>

Direct mail
This medium still proves a viable way to reach many audiences, whether in support of a cross-media campaign or as a stand-alone promotion >>

Technical writing
Product and service manuals require a different type of writing and creativity from other types of copywriting projects. Nevertheless >>

When you have an opportunity to publish an article in a trade publication, you don't want poor editorial skills to steal the spotlight from your message >>

Although I specialize in online communications and newsletters, it's good to know your copywriter also has experience writing print, television and radio ads >>

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"Lisa has been an awesome force
in helping us communicate with our customers. Her writing reads like
we're talking directly to each
patient--not like a company's
marketing pitch to customers.
She puts our message into words
that inspire and bring our
customers closer

--Karen DeMarco,
Marketing Manager
Ocala Eye
, Florida

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