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Putting Your Website Copywriter to Work for You


A copywriter who already understands your industry can save you considerable time and more readily produce copy that speaks with a trusted voice to your target audience.


While I've written for over 30 industries, I still find my copywriting services in extremely high demand by companies operating in industries for which I have no prior experience.


Don't get me wrong, that's entirely normal. A good copywriter takes the time to understand your industry. They can adapt their voice to the needs of your audience. But still I am always looking to find a way to provide even greater value to the growing number of clients who approach me.


Now, you should understand there are copywriters who have experience in just about every industry you can imagine (I've written for such niches as equine embryo transfer!) But finding them is difficult, because copywriters tend to promote themselves as generalists.


I've gathered a resource of copywriters who hold specialized knowledge in different industries. And they work with me at SEO Advantage to create copy for many projects I take on. Mind you, I negotiate fantastic rates with my copywriter associates, so there is no extra charge passed on to you. The rates are the same whether you're working with only me, or with one of my specialists (and this even includes editing, proofreading, and project management by me, so essentially you enjoy the work of two or more copywriters for the price of only one.)


Some Administrative Details...


Turnaround Time

I prefer to have at least 2 weeks to complete an assignment. This will depend on a lot of factors, though, such as my schedule, your deadlines, the size of the assignment, etc. I'm flexible, so let me know what you're up against and I'll do my best to help you.



Though you work with me just as you would any other freelancer (barring the specialization available to you through my copywriting team if needed), your invoice will come from SEO Advantage. We provide an electronic invoice that lets you click through to pay by MasterCard or Visa on PayPal, or you can send us a check. Terms are generally net 15.


SEO and Design Services

I work extensively with SEO Advantage as marketing and copywriting director for SEO clients. Likewise, all my copywriting clients have access to top-tier search engine optimization and design services. For example, you'll find a keyword research study performed by SEO Advantage and your copywriter together can form a powerful base for all your marketing communications.


Though SEO Advantage is my optimization company of choice, I can certainly help you implement your copy with your current SEO provider, designer or agency. In fact, advertising and online marketing agencies often hire me to work on projects for their clients, too.


If you skipped right to this part, you have to know that my fees are the same regardless of whether I enlist the skills of a specialist copywriter and work in a team to produce your copy, or whether I work one-on-one with you. I will always select the optimal talent and resources to ensure your copy turns out the best that it can.


My fees vary by assignment, industry, topic, length, and all those details of the project. (Just email me to find out what I need for a custom quote.)


For your reference, here are a few sample figures:


Monthly copywriting based on an ongoing need, starting at $500/month. Provides discount on copywriting services for a minimum term of 6 months.


Press release writing ($500) and online distribution ($250, depending on selected outlets). May qualify for lower prices after initial press release.


Web site copywriting ($300 - $800/page, 200 - 600 words). This takes into account that more time is spent on the home page and less on shorter pages like 'contact'. Keep in mind that my per-page fee is meant to cover all the time I invest in your project, including our phone consultations and my recommendations, and it is only a convenient way for you to estimate total cost.

Fees include support and guidance in your website messaging, audience profiling, background research, suggestions for images, conceptualization, and proofreading after implementation.

Contact me for a quote on your next project and samples relevant to your industry and project.

"Lisa, the copy is fantastic! I really like it! The suggestions you make about font and the contact us page are very logical and I will pass them along to my designer. You have captured everything I wanted to say and more."

Jesse Rivera, President
Enchantment by Design




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