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The incredible capabilities of presentation software today allow you to interact as much as you want with your audience. But beware the extra costs and time of complicated scripts and storyboards that aren't managed well. You'll want to work closely with your copywriter and art director to take advantage of all the possibilities and achieve a final effect that meets its objectives without going over budget.

Digital signage content copywriting

As senior copywriter at an advertising agency, I worked with the creative director to pioneer the firm's advance into content creation for digital signage networks. A partnership with Scala, one of the industry's largest providers of end-to-end digital signage solutions, allowed us to create sample presentations to showcase the agency's narrowcasting content services at the industry's largest tradeshow and get the attention of major industry players. I also wrote the supporting site that provides the main vehicle for the firm's digital signage content sales. Click here to view digital signage content copywriting samples >>

Coming soon: Presentation I wrote and art director Erich Caparas designed for an international operator in the seafood industry


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