Copywriter Lisa Banks Lisa Banks, M.B.A. Copywriter Florida, Atlantic Canada, Japan

Copywriting Experience in over 30 Industries

(USA / Canada / Britain / Japan)


One of my favorite things about being a copywriter is that I get to learn about different industries and businesses. (It's especially rewarding to an MBA graduate who has turned to copywriting as a career, instead of pursuing some high-stress executive position like most of her classmates.)


You may not see your industry here. But keep in mind that I also work with exceptional copywriters who DO have experience in your industry. (Learn more about working with your copywriter...)

    • accounting software
    • advertising agencies
    • alcohol and drug rehab centers
    • alpaca farms
    • art galleries
    • air intake filtration systems
    • alternative health (men's hair regrowth, vitamins, supplements, health drinks)
    • automotive accessories
    • beauty goods & services
    • business process management software
    • churches & other non-profit organizations
    • closet & storage systems
    • coffeemaker manufacturer and marketer
    • concessions equipment supplier
    • construction industry services
    • decorative mirrors
    • design shops
    • education and fundraising software
    • e-mail marketing service provider
    • environmental sanitation equipment
    • equine embryo transfer
    • fitness & health services
    • fire service industry
    • gate & security systems
    • health service providers (pediatrics, ophthalmology,
      dentistry, physical therapy, cardiology, plastic surgery, orthopaedics)
    • government-funded workforce solutions
    • government tourism and international affairs
    • high vacuum components
    • incorporation services online
    • insurance
    • marriage counseling service
    • mortgage & financial service providers
    • photographic studios
    • rehabilitation centers
    • residential & commercial developments
    • real estate and related services
    • retirement communities
    • seafood distributors
    • search engine optimization companies
    • semiconductor equipment
    • telecommunications
    • wireless communications

Contact me to find out more about experience in your industry.


"Lisa adds the versatile copywriting talents that we really need. We appreciate her understanding of the special challenges of our markets in Japan and overseas. She raised the standards for what we can offer our clients."

--Noriko Goto,
NTT Solco
, Japan

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